Medical  Laser Therapy Devices

It is our mission to spread the highly effective and non-invasive Laser Therapy treatment in Europe by providing Deep Penetration Class IV lasers. Our products, protocols and customized training are based on the  latest scientific insights in PhotoBioModulation (PBM) therapy.

Laser Therapy

In High Power Laser Therapy, concentrated light is used to deliver energy deep within the body, where it is able to treat a broad variety of conditions. The light boosts tissue regeneration by activating stem-cell growth and multiplication, works anti-inflammatory and has strong short- and longterm pain-relieving effects.


Versatile. Portable. Powerfull.


Heavy Duty: More Wavelengths, Maximum Power 


PBM (PhotoBioModulation) is applicable to all conditions related to reduced cell-regeneration, inflammation and pain. Still, it is important to keep track of the latest science for the application of the laser in different clinical settings. Therefore we stay on top of the latest scientific literature to keep you informed and updated.

Laser therapy is effective..

  • For osseointegration and bone-graft
  • As adjunctive therapy for osteoporosis and fractures
  • In all musculoskeletal injuries, especially concerning overuse injuries in athletes
  • At disrupting biofilms of antibiotics resistant prosthetic joint infections,
  • As a treatment after traumatic brain injury and stroke
  • As a non-invasive and painfree treatment of many dermatological conditions like (facial) acne or fungus
  • For improving the quality of gut-microbiome by enhancing the growth of more SCFA’s-producing bacteria
  • For reducing the need of medical intervention in inflammatory thyroid conditions,
  • At pain and inflammation reduction in rheumatoid arthritis
  • At improving lung-recovery in COVID-19 patients.