Trifinity Ani30w Accessories


With the possibility to treat dermatological, musculoskeletal and inflammatory conditions, and perform laser surgery, Lumini is one the most versatile devices you can invest in for your practice.

Lumini is FDA and CE certified

Curious about the wide range of treatment possibilities Lumini offers?


Science Driven, Accessible to All

Up-To-Date Protocols

If you opt for a Dieks Medical Laser, you don’t just get a device. We continuously follow the latest scientific insights and even conduct research ourselves to continiously improve our treatement protocols and manuals.

Real High-Power Laser

Research shows adequate power is key for a successfull treatment. Although Lumini is the smallest Laser Device in the Dieksmedical lineup, it already offers top-market power: Where most laser manufacturers present 3-15W lasers as ‘High Power’, Dieks Medical starts their range at 15W up to 60W.

Competitively Priced

It is our primary goal to make laser treatment available to everyone in Europe, so it can be used to replace more invasive treatments and dramatically improve recovery times and treatment outcomes. It is therefore part of our policy to keep the cost of our devices low.

Versatile, Portable, Powerfull


At only 2.1Kg, Lumini is the most portable in the DieksMedical lineup. We even offer a Portability Kit with a large battery pack and a shoulder band!


Lumini is equipped with a 7 inch touchscreen and comes with preset protocols that are easy to use.


Lumini is equiped with latest generation Diodes. End of life? You can just replace the diode. No investment in a new unit required.


Lumini can be equipped with  up to 15W per wavelength up to a total  of 30W


The use of strong Engineering Plastics and an oversized heat managment system allows for longer continious treatment times, higher endurance and a longer lifetime alltogether


On all of our lasers, you can easily upgrade the software yourself. Returning the machine to the manufacturer is not necessary.


Combining simplicity with customization

Lumini is equipped with an all new android based operating system. Its modern UI combines simplicity in use with a vast array of customization possibilities.

The system is ready to use right out of the box with preset protocols  continuously updated by our biomedical team based on the latest scientific insights.

Prefer to adapt your system to your own experience? Possibilities are endless: Set-up your system to your own preferences by saving patient profiles, finetune the profile by choosing between continuous wave or pulse and configure the pulse specifications, choose the power per wavelength and much more!


Massage-ball Handpiece

In some applications, laser therapy should be accompanied with massaging. The rolling glass ball handpiece allows deeper penetration by compressing tissue and enables massaging therapy simultaneously.

Portability Kit

Lumini is all about Portability. Break free from the power cable with a battery that lasts up to 45 minutes at full power and a convenient shoulder band!

Foot Switch

Lumini can be controlled with a button on the handset. Want to free your hands? A convenient foot-switch pedal will ensure precise controll over the laser emission at all times.

Specialized Handpieces

Lumini is a very versatile device with many uses. To enable efficient performance in every use case, we offer specialized handpieces for each application, from special dental to fungal handpieces

Eye safety for every patient

Next to human use, Lumini can also be used for the treatment of nearly any animal. As eye safety is a part of the treatment, Dieksmedical offers various different eye protection goggles per animal species.

Surgical Kit

Next to its therapy application, Laser is widely used as a high precision tool in surgirical environments. To this end, Dieksmedical offers a full surgical kit that fits all DieksMedical lasers.

High Power, Versatile, Customizable and Portable.

All at a very competitive price point.




Laser type GaAlAs Diode Laser
Wavelength 810nm/980nm, Other wavelenghts possible upon request ( 940nm/980nm/1064nm/650nm)
Maximum Power

Treatment energy range

30W Continuous Wave (2x15W)

1.5-1800 J/min

Operation Mode Continuous Wave, Single Or Repeat Pulse
Pulse Duration 10 us- 3s
Pilot Beam Red Diode Laser Of 650nm, Power<5mW
Control Mode True Color Touch Screen (7 inches, resolution 600*1024)
Dimensions 160 (W) * 180 (L) * 235(H) mm
Weight 2.1 kg