About Us

Why We Started

Due to successful personal daily experience with the clinical application of High Power Laser Therapy for over 5 years and an extensive literature study, being a family of engineers and scientists, we concluded laser therapy has no side effects whilst still being highly effective and efficient. Further research solidifies our experience that  Laser can indeed pose a non-invasive and non-painful alternative for many conditions, function as an effective adjunctive therapy for an abundance of other conditions and finally be the treatment option to some conditions previously deemed untreatable.
Following these findings and our personal experience with High Power Laser Therapy, it unsettled us even more that laser treatment is not yet widely available in Europe.

That is how the idea of founding Dieks Medical came about, inheriting its name from our dear friend who introduced us this wonderful technology.

There are multiple reasons for this current situation in healthcare. First of all, Laser treatment was first introduced in the Class III (<1 W) range. Since then, it has been found that for many non superficial treatment applications, this range is simply too low to achieve clinical success.

Therefore, a number devices have since been introduced on e.g. the US market with up to 20W of power. However, these devices are priced so high, that the treatment option simply is out of range for many therapists.

Our Mission:

“Making Laser Therapy available to anyone”

Following these findings, the Dieksmedical team felt morally obliged to make it their mission to let High power laser therapy  be  available to any patient in Europe, by offering devices with adequate specifications to treat a wide range of conditions, and still make them accessible to more therapists. Dieksmedical intends to do so by providing laser devices with adequate specifications, offering a wide range of available wavelength combinations and power of up to 60W, at an exceptionally affordable price point

Science Driven

Following above reasons and the low availability of the treatment in Europe, laser treatment is often met with some scepticism and the notion that it would be an unproven alternative therapy. However, as stated before, the opposite is in fact true.

To lift this prejudice, DieksMedical has made it their policy to be purely Science driven. We aim to  bundle all available research on Laser Treatment and keep up with the latest developments and as such act as a knowledge base to adapt our advice, treatment protocols and treatment manuals.

The Team

At Dieksmedical, we aim to combine Scientific expertise with practical knowledge. Our team contains of experts in the field of (Bio)Medicine, Physics, Nanotechnology, Mechanical and Electrical engineering, Physiotherapy and Veterinary medicine. This wide range of knowledge allows us to adapt to the needs of each specific customer, by providing you with the expertise insight you need.